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    Interfering peptide design platform for targeting protein interaction

    With advancements in molecular biology and genomics, there is an increased understanding of genes and regulatory proteins related to normal physiological and pathological activities. Abnormal sequences of target proteins result in the occurrence and development of related diseases. Thus, specific inhibition or activation of target proteins has gradually become the target of research in treating related diseases. Based on earlier research, our company has conducted systematic research in the field of cranial nerves. We have placed special emphasis on receptor proteins related to the glutamic acid receptor superfamily and have developed various interfering peptides of targeted proteins, thereby acquiring rich experience in targeted drug design.

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    Computer Aided Drug Design platform based on protein structure

    Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) has robust calculation and screening ability, which greatly improves the success rate and accuracy of candidate compounds, shortens the cycle of traditional drug research and development, and cuts down the R&D cost in the early stage of drug design. With a comprehensive drug screening and drug design platform, the company currently is committed to finding new innovative drugs with therapeutic effect for human diseases based on numerous compound libraries.

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    Pharmacodynamic evaluation platform for neurological disorders

    Diseases related to the central nervous system, especially the irreversible loss of neurological function caused by brain function degeneration or brain injury, are serious issues. The incidence rate of patients with cerebral stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and major depressive disorder in China is increasing every year, and has become a heavy burden on families. Based on years of research and development in the field of cranial nerves, the company has developed and established a complete and world-leading drug efficacy evaluation platform for neurological drugs, and has successfully conducted drug efficacy evaluation tests on several drugs in clinical research and development.

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