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    As the innovative drug market develops rapidly, we staunchly believe that soon, China will gradually rise and become an innovative drug powerhouse. As a pioneer and pathfinder in the research and development of innovative drugs in China, Primedicine Pharmaceutical stands ready to climb over all the obstacles and difficulties and forge ahead dauntlessly. Talents are the first element of enterprise development and the source of strength to realize self-value and enterprise value. To this end, we are constantly looking for people with lofty ideals. We have always adhered to the basic criteria of “being exceptional in ability and integrity and putting morals first” in recruiting talents, and have created opportunities for the best talents to join us.

    At Primedicine Pharmaceutical, we uphold the corporate philosophy of "honesty, cooperation, innovation, and excellence", and always attach importance to personal values and discovering potential. We are committed to providing a high-quality platform for all colleagues to give full play to their talents.

    We sincerely welcome talents from all walks of life to join us.


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