Marching together on a new journey in the coming New Year——A synopsis of Primedicine’s first themed 2019 Year-end Meeting team-building activity

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From January 11th to January 12th, 2020, the first themed 2019 Year-end Meeting team-building activity was held by Qingdao Primedicine Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Though the activity lasted only for a day and a half, it left an indelible impression on all employees and increased their camaraderie.


At 1:00 p.m. on January 11th, all the members and their families gathered at the main entrance of the company and took the bus to Cangma Mountain Resort in Huangdao, Shandong.


The trip was originally supposed to take 2 hours, but we managed to arrive 20 minutes ahead of schedule thanks to the open roads.

After checking in at Danxi Hot Spring Hotel, the first thing we did was to put on our swimsuits and bathrobes, and relaxed in the nice hot springs. Danxi Hot Springs has both indoor and outdoor hot springs, and the outdoor ones vary in size and have different ambiance. More than a dozen hot springs are spread across the foot of Cangma Mountain. Due to the cold weather, there weren’t a lot of people relaxing in the outdoor hot springs. Therefore, we enjoyed an almost exclusive access to the outdoor springs. That was quite pleasant!


After a dip in the hot springs, we rested for some time. At 5:0 p.m. it was time for dinner at "Duo’s Kitchen".

Our first meal at Cangma Mountain was a smorgasbord of delectable meat dishes and local snacks. The wine taps were flowing and we toasted to the prosperity of Primedicine Pharmaceutical.

During dinner, we played a couple of games that made the evening a lot more fun. In the "Count 7" game, our "veterans" ended up losing and had to either drink a glass of wine or give red pockets to the winners. The "touching cards" game was even more popular. Professor Dong's team was unlucky throughout the game, and they lost the most.

Enthusiastically working together to win the game↴


The disappointed losers↴


After a 3-hour-long dinner, it was time for karaoke—KTV, and we sang to our heart’s content.

Several members of our team were exceptional singers. It turned out that Academician Wang had a soft and tender voice, and the lovely Yi sang beautiful love songs. Guanghua was an expert in singing Cantonese songs, while postgraduate Jia Hui had a clear and gentle voice. Everyone had a good singing voice!


We ended the day singing the song "friends", and took a photo as we toasted to the new year.



At 8:45 a.m. of the next morning, the Primedicine 2019 Year-end Meeting officially commenced.

Academician Wang Yutian, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, started the proceedings with a speech. Starting from the founding of the company, Academician Wang Yutian talked about the gradual expansion of the team in 2019 and Primedicine’s future prospects. His messages conveyed strongly to each of the team members and encouraged them.


Subsequently, Professor Dong Mingxin gave a synopsis of the company's overall progress in 2019 and discussed the arrangements and deployments for next year’s work plan.


Then, colleagues from the R&D Department gave detailed presentations on their R&D work, problems, and future work plans. Subsequently, colleagues from the Project Department, Human Resources & Administration Department, Finance Department, and other functional departments also gave detailed and elaborate reports and presentations on their respective work.


After the report presentation, it was time for the annual awards. There were three awards this time—the "Annual Outstanding Employee Award", "Annual Attendance Award", and "Annual Outstanding Report Award".

The winner of the "Annual Attendance Award" was Chen Zhiqiang from the R&D Department; while the “Annual Outstanding Employee Award " and "Annual Outstanding Report Award" were won by Geng Chuanrong from the Project Department.

Academician Wang and Professor Dong presented awards to the two winners.



After a sumptuous lunch, we headed straight to the ski resort for the last activity: skiing!

Equipped with hats, gloves, ski boots, skis, ski poles, and other equipment, we were off to the ski resort. To avoid showing our "embarrassing" looks after skiing, we took a photo before we started.



Academician Wang was fully armed↴



So were the other colleagues.


Most of the colleagues were first time skiers but they picked up the skills quickly. They had a good time and fell hard on their backs as well…

Thankfully, the final results were remarkable. We were all excited about completing our first run through the ski course!

Look how steadily Academician Wang is moving!


Professor Dong is a really cool guy!


Zhang Jiahui skied like a pro!


Geng Chuanrong took a hard fall...


Several colleagues decided to play in the snow play area rather than ski. The girls had a great time on the snow tube with the little children.



Two-hours of skiing passed quickly. With the sky darkening, it was time to head back. As we left the ski resort, everyone continued to talk about their skiing skills, how to brake and steer, and talked about the number of times they each fell…


Soon, it was time to return home. At 5:30 p.m., we embarked on the bus for our journey home. The first themed one and a half-day team-building activity of the 2019 Year-end Meeting came to a successful conclusion.



On the path of starting a business, there are both hardships and opportunities. Fortunately, we have a group of hardworking partners working together.

We have always firmly believe that integrity is the foundation of life, cooperation provides the guarantee of victory, innovation is the driving force for growth, and excellence is the realm we wish to eventually reach.

Keeping the present situation in mind, Primedicine Pharmaceuticals will continue to adhere to its vision of "Innovation Advances Health" and strive for scientific and technological achievements that are beneficial for everyone’s health. Looking forward, Primedicine Pharmaceuticals will attract and bring excellent talents on board with exceptional abilities, political integrity, and a global perspective whom can embrace the world and provide new momentum to the company’s sustainable development.

2020 has begun. What are you waiting for? Let's join hands and embark on a new journey!


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